NO HASSLE CLIMBING SKINS.SO YOU AND YOUR KIDS CAN ENJOY YOUR TOUR.The new benchmark for climbing skins. Perfect for extensive and demanding ski touring adventures. “This product is the best on the market.” – Outdoor Gear Lab The first two-layer climb…

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NO HASSLE CLIMBING SKINS.SO YOU AND YOUR KIDS CAN ENJOY YOUR TOUR.The new benchmark for climbing skins. Perfect for extensive and demanding ski touring adventures. “This product is the best on the market.” – Outdoor Gear Lab The first two-layer climbing skin adhesive. The outer layer is a unique formulation that firmly holds to the ski yet can be effortlessly pulled off, separated glue-to-glue and leaves no residue on the ski. Why two layers? The formulation that provides the amazing handling properties would pull off the skin if used alone. The inner layer is a different compound that firmly bonds the outer layer to the skin. The result:Perfect adhesion to the ski even at low temperatures.Effortless removal from the ski.Low maintenance – the adhesive does not have to be re-glued.DescriptionSpecsTech FeaturesSkin CareHybrid Adhesion technology – low maintenance, easy handling, quick and easy transitions. Enjoy easy on, easy off, easy separation, easy storage, zero need to re-glue, no mess with tremendous adhesion and reliability. Black backing reveals wax and other contaminates on the adhesive. Every pair includes a solvent wipe to clean and reactivate the adhesive after heavy usage.Backcountry magazine review: “In testing, the adhesive proved solid, holding with plenty of power in near-zero temps while still pulling effortlessly glue-from-glue. To speed uphilling, the mohair is one of the slickest gliding.” Hagan Climbing Skin Features:Austrian-made, 100% mohair.Perfect fit: Tailored to the exact length and width (minus 4mm) of the matching Boost Junior skis.Tip Bails and Tail Clips: Super simple, durable, light and easy to use. Remove easily without taking off your skis.Treated to resist moisture and glop.Great glide, outstanding grip.Hybrid Adhesion Advantages:Excellent ski base adhesion even in low temperatures.Effortless removal from the ski.Maintenance-free – no need for reglueing. Tackiness is restored by simply cleaning the adhesive with conventional detergent. Use our hybrid cleaning spray to remove stubborn dirt or wax residue.Super easy handling – fold together and separate with ease. Skip fumbling around with protective foil.What’s in the box:Pre-trimmed, 100%-matching climbing skins.Storage bag with integrated microfiber liner for cleaning and drying skis and skin bases.Solvent wipes to clean and reactivate the adhesive.Instruction booklet.NO protective foil sheets. They aren’t needed. Save that hassle!!Solvent-free glueExcellent in cold weatherHybrid adhesion skis are exceptionally easy to use and storeExclusive speed webbingPre-treated with Dry Climb Skin Treatment water-resistant coatingDelivered with skin bag, packet of base cleaner, and use and care manualTip bails and tail clips hook quickly, easily and securelyFour layer lamination100% Mohair, Made in AustriaUnique products developed, tested, and sustainably manufactured in Austria.Factory treated with waterproofing to minimize snow and ice build up for top glide performance. Manufactured with carbon-neutral materials and without fluorine or other toxic substances.Simple handling from start to finish of any ski tour.Maintenance:The tackiness of our hybrid adhesive will only be impaired by dirt and other contaminants on its surface. The adhesive strength can be renewed simply by washing with standard detergent and water. For stubborn dirt and wax residue, our hybrid cleaning spray can be used.After significant use, you can renew the water-resistance, anti-icing and glide characteristics of our skins with our specially formulated Hagan Dry Climb Skin Treatment. For quick field use, our Hagan Skin Wax will keep your skins from icing or collecting wet snow.Suggested Complementary Products:Hagan Skin WaxHagan Dry Climb Skin TreatmentContour Hybrid Glue Cleaning SprayContour Hybrid Glue Cleaning Wipes Usage:Detailed usage tips are here.

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